IMAC International Movement of Apostolate of Children

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IMAC is an International Movement of kids, allowing them to organize and act to defend their rights. In this way, contribute to building a world of justice and peace.


The IMAC (International Movement of Apostolate of the CHildren) is present in 41 countries from all over the world : in Africa, in Latin America, Canada, Middle East, Indian Ocean, Asia and Europe.
The IMAC has for mission :
1)   To promote and sustain in all the world the expression, the training and the realization of the children. To favour and sustain the actions of responsibility of the children, without distinction of social, cultural, ethnic, religious origin…
2)   To organize between the children of the movements which compose it, and with other movements or personw who have the same preoccupations.
3) To represent the children who make part of the different movements in front of the international organisations in link with the childhood.
The IMAC, non governemental organization, is know by UNICEF, Commission of the Children’s Rights, Commission of The Human Rights and the Work International Organizatino.
1.            Each movement member of the IMAC allows the children to be fully part of it ; to be the actors in various places which concern them : family, school, areas and to improve their conditions of life.
Thus, functioning according to the ages, it gives the opportunity to become real citizens. The movements members lean on the following pedagogy : To See, To Judge, to Act, to Revise and celebrate. The children participate in the defence of all their rights.
2. to realize this, the children are accompanied by young people and adults.
The IMAC allows the children to act to improve their conditions of life, to defend their rights, to be actors of their lives in their environment (area, family, school, work…). They are actors of the development doing actions for all the children. These actions pretend to allow those who live in difficult conditions to reach a situation of normal life. They work so that the international convention of the child’s rights could be applied for everyone.
Thus, thanks to its actions, and with the same pedagogical method, the IMAC allows the children :
To organize themselves.
To take into account the situations they live and their conditions of life.
To experience their points of view on what concern them.
To know their rights and their obligations.
To be actors of their own growth.
To participate in the building of a world of solidarity, Justice and Peace.
To live and act in coherence with their Faith.
To announce and be testimony of the Good News of Jesus Christ for the children and the adults who live around them.
To learn little by little the behaviour of tolerance, accepting the religious, cultural, ethnic differences… as a treasure.